At the beginning IKSEP, the institute has issued more books geared towards history and patriotism. This is because IKSEP look quite difficult to get the historical books in the market because of the tendency of society do not enjoy reading books such nature. And if not progressing IKSEP published books such as this, of course, the next generation, can not find out about the history of the country and its people.  Thus, IKSEP has taken steps to publish books that encourage readers to community patriotism and love for the country through the various aspects. In this way, indirectly IKSEP can help state and federal government to educate his countrymen Malaysia towards a better self-esteem in the future, and enhance the readers interest to read. IKSEP also produce IKSEP Bulletin published once a year.


Bulletin IKSEP 2010 (Download)
Bulletin IKSEP 2009 (Download)