Seminars And Conventions



Another program is the most important IKSEP conventions, seminars, symposia and workshops in specific areas that are consistent with the objectives IKSEP. Part of the seminar jointly organized by IKSEP held.

IKSEP has successfully implemented a number of programs to realize the State of Melaka as Cultured. Among the programs that have been conducted by the colloquium Thinking IKSEP Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, Patriotic Youth Seminar, Convention Upholding the Malay Language, Spirit Dato Onn - A Study of Patriotism, Convention Parenting Education Symposium, National History Writing, Discourse 1 Malaysia People First Stage Malacca Parliament, the Patriotic Youth Camp Friend, Forum Premier Patriotism, National History Workshop, Motivational Talks Education Excellence, Mid-Day Talk IKSEP, National Conference, Patriotism Poetry Declamation, Quiz Patriotism, National Language Month Convention Malay World Islamic World, Tun Perak Lectures, Lecture brilliant and more. IKSEP involved holding exhibitions on the history and patriotism.