Definition Logo IKSEP

The main form is part of the logo symbolizes a tanjak historical elements of the Malay community. The glory of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca is considered one of the starting point of historical value.



Is part of the official dress representing the King of loyalty to the people of our beloved country Malaysia. Tanjak also is the pride of clothing Malay chiefs who fought to defend the religion and nation in the colonial past. Tanjak thus represent the patriotism of our society.


Small circle element

In the logo is a symbol of the universe and of human life and civilization from ancient times until now which has a historical value is priceless.


Three form a triangle

In this logo mermbawa sense of stability, progress and excellence are the key features in our National Vision.


Circle-shaped wheel

Surround this symbol describes that history is a subject that is always live and move with the times.


The colors are red, blue, white and yellow

Colors are there on the flag and the flag of Malaysia Melaka.