History IKSEP

History Establishment IKSEP


IKSEP established on 23 February 1994 under the Companies Act of 1965 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Commenced operations on June 1, 1994. Key individuals who are directly involved in the establishment IKSEP is Tan Sri Haji Abdul Rahim bin Datuk Tamby Chik, Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali Bin Mohd. Rustam, Datuk Haji Ahmad Ithnin, Prof. Emer. Datuk Wira Dr. Mohamad Yusoff Bin Hashim dan Datuk Dr. Haji. Mohd Jamil Bin Mukmin. Launching officially made Chief Minister on time, Tan Sri Haji Abdul Rahim bin Datuk Tamby Chik on August 16, 1994 in conjunction with the launch of the National Convention History of Malaysia Dewan Hang Jebat, Pusat Ekspo, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.




Background IKSEP


IKSEP born the idea of ​​creating the realization that there are still many people in the country this, especially young people who do not appreciate the history of national heritage depth and have no appreciation of the spirit of genuine patriotism to ground water. IKSEP establishment in response to the wave of challenges era of globalization. In addition, there is no denying that history can used as a cue to educate the present and the future so that they have a strong sense of patriotism and a high appreciation of countries. IKSEP establishment is in line with the Convention revolution Malacca World Heritage held in April 1993 in Malacca.